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    TGIF Nights

    One of the exciting enhancements this season will be increasing the TGIF nights on Friday evenings at the club. We have booked a TGIF at the club most Friday’s 5-9 pm May 17th through November 15th. We do have some rentals on TGIF nights so please check the events calendar on the Web site or our blue book for the dates so you don’t miss out.

    We are requesting member volunteers and sponsors for one or more TGIF nights. Your sponsorship for the evening includes support for our one bar staff on duty during the evening. The bar staff will be doing all the serving and work required behind the bar but a pair of extra hands may be required if things get busy on the floor. The sponsor may also plan a theme or event for the evening or just welcome the membership for socialization. Sponsorship is critical to make TGIF’s a success while keeping our costs down as we look at opportunities to open up the club for our members. We currently have 22 TGIF’s scheduled for the season and require 16 sponsors to date. If you can sponsor a TGIF please contact me and you can pick you a night. Thanks Steve

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    Monthly Social Dinners

    We are introducing a revised monthly social dinner to the social program this season which will replace the Monthly Fleet Dinners. The social planning team reviewed member’s comments and have adjusted this program trying to meet the diverse needs of our membership. We have secured a professional caterer for the season to assist with the meal preparation for the monthly events. The dinners will be reasonably priced and we will need sign up in advance for our caterer to know how much to prepare for us.

    The caterer will work with a volunteer Team Leader from our membership for the dinner menu. The Team Leader will be asked to recruit volunteers to help serve the dinners to the members in two sittings: one at 7 pm for those who are down to watch the racing and one at 8pm for the racing crews. If you can assist us by being a Team Leader for a dinner please let me know as we hope this will encourage participation from all and will meet everyone’s expectations.

    Please mark your calendars early the following dates so you don’t miss out, it should be great food and fun: May 23, June 6, June 27, august 8, August 29, and Sept 26.

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    Christmas Gala

    It is early to start talking about Christmas but BYC is holding our bi annual Christmas Gala November 30th at the club. Our social planning team has reviewed the gala events for the club and has established a schedule to alternate the Commodore’s Ball on the year of a new commodore is taking office and the Christmas Gala the next year. This should be another spectacular BYC event. If you are interested in leading or participating on the planning committee for this event please let me know.

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    Other Events Planned

    The social program team has continued to line up numerous fun events this season on top of the events listed above which include: Canada Day Party, Poker Run and Smith Island Party in July, Family Fishing Derby and Corn Roast Smith Island in August, Curry Night, and our 2nd annual Grey Cup Party.

    If you have any suggestions, questions or would like to participate on any planning teams for events please let me know.

    The social program cannot operate without your participation so please mark on your calendar’s our events so you won’t be disappointed and miss out on the fun.

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