BYC Social TGIF Program


One of the exciting enhancements this season will be increasing the TGIF nights on Friday evenings at the club. We have booked a TGIF at the club most Friday’s 5-9 pm May 17th through November 15th. We do have some rentals on TGIF nights so please check the events calendar on the Web site or our blue book for the dates so you don’t miss out.

We are requesting member volunteers and sponsors for one or more TGIF nights. Your sponsorship for the evening includes support for our one bar staff on duty during the evening. The bar staff will be doing all the serving and work required behind the bar but a pair of extra hands may be required if things get busy on the floor. The sponsor may also plan a theme or event for the evening or just welcome the membership for socialization. Sponsorship is critical to make TGIF’s a success while keeping our costs down as we look at opportunities to open up the club for our members. We currently have 22 TGIF’s scheduled for the season and require 16 sponsors to date. If you can sponsor a TGIF please contact me and you can pick you a night. Thanks Steve


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