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2016 Sail Past – Sunday, June 12

June 5, 2016

Members and member families, please join us in this BYC tradition.

Flag Raising Ceremony and Blessing of the Boats to begin at 1:30 PM at the BYC

Sail Past to take Place East of Blockhouse Island following the Blessing, Boats will Parade Past Hardy Park and Blockhouse Island, beginning with power boats and followed by sailboats.

Please join us for Beef on a Bun following the Sail Past at 4:00 PM at the Club.

Bar will be open at 1:00 PM.



BYC Race Courses

May 21, 2016

CAP LETTERS -RED ROUND TO PORT, lower case- green round to starboard

Wind Flag Flying Sail White Sail
SW-W 1.    signal_flag_1 DACDAC DEACGC
S-SW-W 2.   signal_flag_2 EIFCECDc SAME
SW-W 3.    signal_flag_3 DACEIGCDC


SW-LIGHT 4.  international-maritime-signal-flag-4-clip-art_t ECDCDC DECDC
NE-E 5.    signal_flag_5 adcadc agcgec
E 6.    signal_flag_6 fgecaC SAME


NE-E 7.    7 agdcadC afgcgC
NE-E LIGHT 8.    signal_flag_8 acgC afgC
N 9.    signal_flag_9 afgcgC SAME
N-NW 0.    signal flag 0 DEcgcgC SAME
VERY LIGHT SW-W   Q. international-maritime-signal-flag-quebec-clip-art DCDCDC SAME
??? L.      -signal-flag-letter-l-lima Come within hail, course to be posted on board


VHF Radios for RC

May 21, 2016

A pair of VHF floating handheld radios has been purchased for use by the Race Committee.

The Race Committee will monitor channel 16. In the event of a serious incident requiring the assistance of the RC, boats should hail using the following protocol:

Boat X: “Race Committee, Race Committee, Race Committee, this is Boat X. Come in please. Over.(pause for response and repeat as necessary)

RC: Boat X this is Race Committee. Go ahead. Over.

Boat X: Race Committee {describe incident, location and indicate assistance needed} Over.

RC: {Acknowledge incident} Crash boat is being dispatched. Over.

Boat X: Acknowledged. Boat X standing by on channel 16.

Crash: RC, RC, RC, this is Crash. Come in please. Over

RC: Crash this is RC, go ahead. Over

Crash: {report on status} Over.

When all is said and done

RC: RC standing by on Channel 16. Out.

Crash: Crash Out.

Boat X: Boat X Out.

North U Seminar

March 23, 2016

On April 3 the Bay of Quinte YC is hosting a North U seminar. Contact Gord ( if you are interested in attending and/or car pooling.

North U Sail Trim and Boat Speed
Sunday April 3 – 8:30 – 4:30
Bay of Quinte Yacht Club
Includes: Morning and afternoon breaks and lunch
Includes: North U TRIM Disc/USB with the inter-active “Sail Shaper”. see description below

Sign up is directly at the NorthU website

The April 2012 Log Is Available

March 30, 2012

The April 2012 BYC Log is available for download from the documents section of the website, or by clicking on the link below:

The Results of the 2012 Social Survey Are In!

March 30, 2012

Please vist the link below to view the results from the 2012 Social Survey:

Revised BYC Club By-laws available

April 7, 2009

The new club by-laws are available from the download page, or by visiting